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WP Code Boss

Rapidly Generate WordPress Plugins,
and Test, Debug and Optimize Your Themes, Plugins and Add-ons

Here's How to Create a Complex Plugin
with no Coding

Designed for WordPress Designers and Coders

WP Code Boss

Speeds-up your development time. Ensures your plugins and themes are top-quality. Makes your life easier.

WP Code Boss Theme

Designed specifically to help you test, debug and optimize the plugins and themes that you create.

Make Your Creations RESPONSIVE

Ensure your plugins work in full-screen pages, fixed-width pages, with or without scrolling, on desktop screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Trace Variables, Debug, Profile...

Find out if a process it taking too much time, track and trace your variables, debug and profile, and a lot more.

Plugin Maker

Build plugins quickly with multitudes of custom features such as image size, the post type, toolbox or metabox, admin toolbar, shortcodes, plugin options, widgets, and a lot more.<br />

Unlimted Number of Projects

Create as many plugins as you want, save each one in a separate project and add new features incrementally. The tool generates the source code for you.

No Coding Required

Use Plugin Maker to design complex, fully-functional plugins only with the minimal knowledge of HTML and style sheets - no coding required.

Introductory Offer for Early Adopters

WP Code Boss is in active development – which means that even though you can already do heaps with it, we’re adding new modules and new tutorials.

As the early adopter, strictly while the launch is on, you get WP Code Boss for just $35 and as a special bonus you get LIFETIME UPGRADES too.

  1. Every time there is a new version, you’ll be first to receive it, BEFORE it is officially released
  2. NEVER pay for an upgrade.

As we add more modules and tutorials, 2 things will happen, the price will go up, and we will also stop giving Lifetime Upgrades as a bonus.

As is always the case with C Point products, there are lots of perks for the early adopters. So, click on the Buy Now button below and 3 minutes from now you will have your hands on the best WordPress development platform available today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In fact, I’m so confident that WP Code Boss will work for you, that I am adding my unconditional ironclad guarantee: if you’re not absolutely thrilled with this purchase, just send me an email, or open a Support Ticket, or send me an SMS within the first 30 days and I’ll refund you the full price, no questions asked and no hassles.

WP Code Boss is there to help you create plugins and test,  debug and optimize your plugins and themes faster and easier than ever before.

Not only will it save you time, but also give you an edge over your competitors, who will not be able to match either your development speed or your quality.

So grab your copy of WP Code Boss now and start creating the cutting-edge themes and plugins.

Meet the Team Behind WP Code Boss

The specialty of our C Point team is creating the software with heaps of under-the-hood functionality and super-easy user interfaces, like Animator Professional for animated gif’s and stop-motion animation, or Drag ‘n Drop Boss, the  premium WordPress theme with the visual point-and-click drag-and-drop interface.

WP Code Boss and WP Master Developer, the  #1 code editor for WordPress, are the result of our efforts to make it a breeze for you to create plugins and themes.

Dr Alex Davidovic

The Master Yoda of Programming

Tia Terrence

The Queen of Content

Jason Elliott

Master Developer

Create Plugins and Themes
Using Best Tools for the Job

The workflow that we use and recommend is to combine the power of WP Code Boss with WP Master Developer to:

  1. Generate the plugin with Plugin Maker
  2. Use WP Master Developer to do the editing and add extra functionality, and
  3. Use WP Code Boss theme for testing, optimizing, debugging and profiling.